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After-sales Quality


Hecheng after-sales rules

About returns and claims

  Hecheng belongs to the category of fresh fruit, and does not support 7-day return and exchange without reason. Due to its particularity, fruits are easily squeezed during transportation and delivery, and damages within 5% of the total amount are normal. If you receive a baby with more than 5% of bad fruits, please take pictures within 4 hours after receiving the baby (select the bad fruits and bring the packing box to take pictures together), and contact customer service immediately. The customer service will give you the same amount of compensation according to your situation. If you do not contact customer service for more than 4 hours to deal with the after-sales problem, no compensation will be paid.

About receiving

  Since long-term transportation of fruit products may cause quality problems, no address changes are accepted after delivery. After the customer takes the baby, please check the delivery address immediately! If due to personal reasons (address error, no one to sign, shut down, shutdown, not answering the phone, etc.), the express cannot be delivered in time, causing the delivery delay and causing the fruit to rot and damage , No compensation.

About storage

  If the fruit is damaged due to the improper storage method of the customer, the storage time is too long, etc., no compensation will be given.

About weight

  During the transportation of the fruit, a small amount of water will evaporate and lose due to its own breathing, and the weight may be slightly reduced after receiving the goods. If the weight loss is within 8%, it is considered normal, if it exceeds 8%, the part beyond the loss range will be compensated at the unit price.

About returns

  Due to the relatively short shelf life of fresh fruits, secondary sales cannot be carried out. Therefore, once the baby is shipped, the customer cannot unilaterally refuse to accept it, but can only accept compensation for the damaged quality of the goods. Without the consent of the seller, the customer shall not refuse to accept or return the goods for reasons such as slow express delivery or staleness. Unauthorized rejection, return and other operations are the responsibility of the customer, and the seller will not make compensation.

About taste

  Because of the different opinions, there is no way to make every customer accept the taste of our products, just as there is no food in the world that everyone likes. Therefore, experts will not be responsible for any form of compensation made on the grounds of bad taste. Please forgive me!

About delivery

  Cold areas can easily cause freezing damage due to the natural low temperature climate. This item is not within the scope of the seller's compensation commitment! Xinjiang, Tibet and remote towns and villages and other areas where the time limit cannot be guaranteed or cannot be delivered, it is not recommended to place an order. If you are not sure, you can consult the online customer service before placing an order if it can be delivered.


  Naturally grown fruits may have dents, wrinkles, spots, etc. on the surface, which are normal phenomena and do not affect credit. Only the occurrence of rot, mold, hair growth, etc. is a quality problem. If such problems are encountered, compensation can be applied for.

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