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Dear friend:
  Thank you very much for logging into our company website and paying attention to Chenzhou Green Agriculture Co., Ltd.
  Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhanxiang Agriculture") is a modern three-dimensional ecological agricultural enterprise focusing on the production and planting of green navel oranges and integrating "ecological planting and breeding, processing and development, leisure and sightseeing, and education for learning". . After more than ten years of development, Zhanxiang Agriculture has achieved steady growth in scale and value year by year. With the great care and support of leaders at all levels and the society, Zhanxiang Agriculture has created a well-known independent agricultural product brand in China-He Orange.
  Land resources are the first production factor of agricultural enterprises, and the natural environment is an important guarantee for agricultural production. Zhanxiang Agriculture upholds the heart of respect and respect for nature, and adheres to the sustainable management path of "innovation, harmony, green, openness, and sharing". In the process of initial development of land resources and utilization of the natural environment, Zhanxiang Agriculture has adopted the strategy of “no interference, no destruction, no reluctance, no excessive”, “making the best of the situation and taking advantage of the situation” to produce natural resources. , Healthy, safe and pure green navel oranges lay a good foundation. "Harmonious symbiosis, restore orange fragrance" is the ultimate pursuit of Zhanxiang and Orange!
  The Chinese farming civilization has a long history. The ancients said that "food is the heaven for the people", and agriculture has been fundamental to the national economy and people's livelihood since ancient times. By 2021, the country has issued Central Document No. 1 for 18 consecutive years focusing on agriculture. The party and the country's concern for agriculture and their passion for the transformation and upgrading of traditional agricultural industries are self-evident. Zhanxiang Agriculture actively responds to the call of the party and the country, and is committed to promoting the development of traditional agricultural production and operation methods to the direction of automation, digitization, and intelligence through the introduction of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other high-tech, and has achieved success in some application scenarios. Important progress.
  At present, under the trend of the era of "Great Health for the People", as a responsible agricultural enterprise, Zhanxiang Agriculture must not only keep the first pass of health for the people, but also create a safe barrier for the people! Let people eat at ease, eat at ease, and eat healthily! !
You are welcome to put forward your valuable opinions on our company and our products. Thanks! !

                                 Li Daode, Chairman of Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd.


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