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Crystal yellow meat orange
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Navel orange
Hunan Province
Crystal yellow meat orange
Yizhang County is located between 112°37′~113°20′ east longitude and 24°53′~25°41′ north latitude.
And orange
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Product Name: Crystal Yellow Flesh Orange (Newhall Navel Orange) Commodity label: green fruit
Producer: Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. Manufacturer contact information: 400-668-6191
Brand: Zhanxiang, Hecheng Net weight (kg): 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg
Storage method: room temperature in a cool place or refrigerated Shelf life: 90 days
Hot sale time: November-April Place of Origin: Yizhang, Hunan

Origin information 

Yizhang County is located between 112°37′~113°20′ east longitude and 24°53′~25°41′ north latitude. It is located at the southern tip of Hunan Province and was called "the channel of Chu and Yue" in ancient times. Yizhang County belongs to a subtropical humid monsoon climate zone. The general climate characteristics are: four distinct seasons, early spring, long hot periods, short autumn and winter, no severe cold in winter, little frost and snow; abundant heat and concentrated precipitation. The soil is mainly red soil and yellow soil, and some areas are rich in selenium.

Yizhang has beautiful mountains and clear waters and beautiful scenery. It is not only a treasured land of humanities and livable feng shui, but also a paradise where many natural plants and wild animals live.

Yizhang's inherent geographical advantages and unparalleled climatic conditions make it the best choice for modern agricultural organic planting and ecological farming!

Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. is located in Changcun Township, Yizhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. It has a mountain area of ​​20,000 acres and a field area of ​​400 acres. And other poultry) and planting industry (mainly planting navel oranges, as well as more than ten kinds of fruits, camellia trees, various organic vegetables and fruits, etc.) as a professional large-scale modern ecological agriculture company. With the goal of "One Garden, One Village, Two Bases", the company actively builds a modern ecological agricultural system integrating "fruit tree development, ecological breeding, technological research, and education for learning".

One garden: navel orange plantation. The company grows 15434 mu of navel oranges. In 2015, it registered the two navel orange trademarks of Zhanxiang and Longyan (dá), and sold the navel oranges to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and other places. The park is equipped with live pig breeding, marked by green, ecological and clean production, mainly for Hong Kong, and radiating the mainland market and the world.

Yizhuang: Ecological Farm. In 2014, the "Provincial Four-star Ecological Leisure Farm" was successfully established. The development of the manor economy drives the development of rural tourism in Qianjia'an Village in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and Dachong Yuzhuang, and strives to become one of the main scenic spots in the tourist circle of Damang Mountain and a new bright spot in rural tourism and leisure.

Two bases: scientific research base and learning base. The scientific research base includes "six circles": pigs, horses, cows, chickens, donkeys, and earthworms, mainly for the research and integration of green breeding technologies. It is expected that scientific research results can be widely promoted in five years. The learning base includes "six gardens": Camellia Garden, Loquat Garden, Bayberry Garden, Peach Forest Garden, Citrus Garden, and Vineyard, which are mainly used for college students' academic education and field operation.

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