Create domestic navel oranges
Intelligent planting and processing demonstration base

In August 2010, Hong Kong businessman Mr. Li Daode founded Chenzhou Zhanxiang Green Agriculture Co., Ltd. ("Zhanxiang Agriculture" for short) with a registered capital of 256.5 million Hong Kong dollars. Modern agricultural enterprises, with a total investment of more than 300 million Hong Kong dollars.

  • 20000

    Many acres

    Planting Area

  • 800

    Million Catties

    Annual production of high-quality green navel oranges

  • 10

    + Year

    Development Path

  • 3

    100 Million

    Total investment

Base Introduction

Green Product

Introduction To Ecotourism
Chenzhou has been known as the "city in the forest" since ancient times; Yizhang is known as "the ancient road of Hunan and Guangdong" and the "back garden of Hong Kong and Macao". It is the birthplace of the modern industrial and agricultural movement and social revolution in China. It is also one of the 100 classic scenic spots in the country. one.
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