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Corporate mission: to produce natural, nutritious, healthy, and high-quality products, and to create a first-class green agricultural brand

Corporate Vision: To build the first domestic demonstration base for intelligent planting and processing of navel oranges, deepen the entire industrial chain of navel oranges, and lead China's navel oranges to a higher and farther level

Entrepreneurial spirit: establish enterprise with morality and prosper with morality

Corporate purposes:

1. Committed to providing customers with healthy, high-quality products and efficient services, and to actively spread the concept of ecological and environmental protection to the whole society;

2. Committed to the comprehensive promotion and popularization of the science and technology of ecological organic agricultural production, so as to change the existing production methods of agriculture and improve the living standards of farmers;

3. Take " helping the poor and the weak " as our own responsibility, and take the initiative to assume corporate social responsibilities.

Corporate values: honesty and pragmatism, mutual help and gratitude; to realize oneself by action, and create value with dedication

Corporate slogan: where the heart is, show dreams and fly

Environmental protection concept: Praise heaven and earth,  Tao follows nature (from Laozi's "Tao Te Jing". The existence and development of heaven and earth all have their inherent laws and relevance, and man and nature and all things are continuous. Therefore, mankind should handle it properly. To develop the relationship with nature, only by respecting nature, respecting nature, and living in harmony with nature, can we achievethe realmof"harmony between man and nature".)

Management philosophy: clear responsibilities and powers, clear goals, orderly coordination, fairness and efficiency

Talent concept: people-oriented, dedication first; diligent and motivated, team first

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